Santa Visits to the Elfinwild Neighborhoods 2020

Santa will be visiting the Elfinwild Neighborhoods on December 12, 13, 19, and 20.

You can follow Santa's movements using the SANTA TRACKER WEBSITE!

Please note that Santa may be delayed by weather or if his firefighter helpers have to respond to an emergency.

Neighborhood routes are approximate. If you live near one of the boundary streets, Santa may be visiting on another day.

Santa's Route, Saturday, December 12

The neighborhoods North of Sutter Rd. and West of Mt. Royal Blvd.

(Eade, Marian & Bridle areas are on Santa's 12/13 route. The streets on the south side of W. Sutter are on Santa's 12/19 route.)

Santa's Route, Sunday, December 13

The neighborhoods North of DeHaven Ct. and East of Mt. Royal Blvd.

Santa's Route, Saturday, December 19

The neighborhoods North of McIlheny Rd, South of W. Sutter Rd., and West of Mt. Royal Blvd. Includes the neighborhoods along Vilsack Rd, Scott Ave, and the Forliview area.

Santa's Route, Sunday, December 20

The neighborhoods in the Burchfield area, North of Spencer Lane, Dressel Rd, and E. Efinwild Rd.

Also includes Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland Neighborhood.



Santa and his helpers will be arriving on Elfniwild fire apparatus, and though our drivers are very careful, please make sure that you are not running for a moving fire engine, and pay attention to Santa, his helpers, and firefighters on the vehicles.

COVID Restrictions: Santa and the gang will be wearing masks and, as appropriate, gloves. Please maintain proper distancing and wear your best holiday mask when visiting.


Share your Santa Photos!

If your parents take any photos of you and Santa, his helpers, or the fire engines, please share them with us, and we will post them on the web!







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