• Robert Skertich

What is "QRS"?

We asked Brett Fadgen, the Elfinwild VFC Medical Officer, to explain the QRS concept.

The Elfinwild VFC Station Quick Response Service (QRS) responds to high priority emergencies along with Shaler-Hampton EMS to areas of Shaler Township and near neighborhoods in Hampton Township, when seconds count. Our QRS response area is strategically designed to respond to areas where we can arrive at a scene before the ambulance arrives, ultimately, rendering medical care quick.

QRS personnel must be certified as Emergency Medical Responders (EMR’s), Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s), Paramedics, Pre-Hospital Registered Nurses (PHRN’s), Physician Extender’s, or Pre-Hospital Physicians.

As a QRS, four of our emergency vehicles are licensed through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Health and are equipped to respond to any emergency. Licensure ensures we have all lifesaving equipment to meet the needs of any medical emergency and our members are up to date with cutting edge medical science to deliver the highest quality of medical care.

Currently, we are the only QRS in Shaler or Hampton Township. We are always looking for members to volunteer!

Elfinwild VFC is a PA Department of Health licensed Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency, providing medical Quick Response Service (QRS) to neighborhoods in Shaler and Hampton Townships, in support of Shaler-Hampton EMS.

Brett Fadgen is a life member of Elfinwild VFC, and is a certified firefighter, vehicle rescue technician, and Pre-Hospital RN. He is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) working within the UPMC system. Brett serves as the medical officer of Elfinwild VFC, overseeing the QRS program and our EMS providers.