Apparatus and Equipment

Ready At All Times

New Engine_edited.jpg

261 Engine 1

2019 Pierce Enforcer (In Service Fall 2019)

The "new Engine 1" has arrived and our driver/operators are going through training before it will be placed in service as the first out engine.

It is equipped with a 1500 GPM Waterous pump, a CPK-4 high pressure pump, and basic vehicle rescue tools.

This engine has been specially designed to have a much shorter wheel base and can be driven to any part of the area with ease.

261 Engine 2

1997 Pierce Lance

Currently, Engine 261-2 is our first-out engine. Engine 2 carries 4 firefighters, an officer, and the driver/operator, and is equipped with a variety of hoses and tools for firefighting operations, as well as initiate a vehicle rescue. It has a 2000 GPM pump, a CPK-4 high pressure pump, 950 gallons of water, in addition to the tools, hoses and other equipment.

This unit was designated "Engine 1" until November 2019.

"GPM" stands for "gallons per minute" and is the typical measurement of the engine's capacity. We can operate one "attack line" (1-3/4" diameter) for about 7 minutes before we'll need more water from another engine or fire hydrant.

Rescue 3.jpeg

261 Rescue 3

1993 Pierce

Our primary rescue unit, it is equipped for vehicle, machinery and rope rescue, as well as to support firefighting operations. You'll also see R-3 at community events and to assist the police with powerful lighting. The walk-in compartment is air-conditioned and oxygen equipped, and is often used for firefighter rehab.

Firefighter rehab is an important health and safety precaution. After working inside of a structure fire, the physical stress on the firefighter can be great. Rehab, staffed by EMS qualified and equipped personnel, can provide a cool, quiet place for some rest, fluids, and medical assessment to determine when it is safe for the firefighter to return to work.

261 Squad

2000 Ford F350

261-Squad this is the workhorse of our station. This vehicle meets a variety of needs including our flood pumps, personnel, and whatever else may be needed. It can also support our medical QRS personnel.

261Quick6 (1).jpg

261 QRS 6 ("Quick 6")

2013 Ford Explorer

261-QRS (unofficially, "Quick 6") is equipped with lifesaving EMS equipment to assist Shaler-Hampton EMS on high priority medical calls. On-call personnel may take this vehicle home to enable immediate response.

Personnel staffing the QRS unit are trained and certified by the PA Department of Health as Emergency Medical Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), Paramedics, and Prehospital RNs.

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